Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy  is an eco-driving aid and support for drivers and their management in a mixed fleet coming from many brands and fuel systems (i.e. diesel, electric and hybrid). The system measures how much energy is wasted by excessive and uncomfortable driving. The comfort of the passenger is measured with a G-sensor. The idea behind the system is to support the driver with information on how they can improve the driving. The system receives input from the bus and combines these data with other sensor input. Based on the input it calculates the driver’s driving style through an advanced algorithm in which a large number of variables are included and compare the driving between drivers in similar conditions. A screen is in many cases mounted in the driver’s view so that the driver can get real-time feedback on their driving style. Feedback is given both in-vehicle, through apps and through the web.
Fuel Economy ​helps drivers to do continuous improvements and plan their driving and drive as fuel efficient and comfortable as possible. The result is also greater comfort for passenger through smoother driving. For best results it is important that all drivers are logged in as much as possible. To achieve the most fuel reduction, it is recommended that the driver each month will receive a bonus on their salary for reaching targets.

A driver can either be green, yellow or red during the month of driving. The bonus system can be set up in different ways and the exact shape of the bonus system should be developed with the customer after its wishes and requirements. The map view of comfort events gives valuable information that can be used as basis for collective or individual feedback.
Correctly implemented Fuel Economy gives significant savings – both financially and environmentally. The results tend to be on a decline between 5-10% of annual fuel consumption. Softer and more cautious driving also results in reduced wear, damage and accidents each year, which in turn results in significant economic savings and improve the working environment.
Pilotfish App Fuel Economy
Pilotfish App Fuel Economy