Our Hardware

Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway

The Gateway

The Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway is mainly used for Public Transport Fleet owners who connects on-board electronics equipment from multiple suppliers to their respective back-offices.

Driver Console

The Pilotfish® Driver Console is a Android based Console. The apps can be provided by Pilotfish® or any third party developer and they are developed for a standard Android environment.

Vehicle Switch

The Pilotfish Vehicle Switch is an 8-port High Performance Single Chip Ethernet Switch. The switch has a rugged aluminium housing and a vehicle power supply supporting both nominal 12V and 24V systems.

Pilotfish Node

Identity Node

Pilotfish have developed a system that makes it possible for vehicle IT equipment to receive communication addresses. The system is named Pilotfish® Xdb and Pilotfish® Xid is its supporting hardware.

"Our journey together with Pilotfish has been very exciting. Our drivers and employees are engaged and have contributed to the lowered energy consumption and environmental impact by reduced CO2 emissions by 192 tons and fuel savings of 800.000 SEK in 2011”
Ange Björk
CEO at Luleå Lokaltrafik