Driver Console

FK302 is an Android based user friendly Driver’s Console. The Android-based operating system allows for a rich supply of various apps. The apps can be provided by Pilotfish or any third party developer and they are developed for a standard Android environment.


  • Excellent performance (processor, speed, etc) 
  • Unattractive for stealing due to form-factor 
  • Excellent lighting and viewing angles 
  • Excellent tactile response 
  • Clear Display (8.9 inches) 
  • Light = easy to mount 
  • Easy exchange of Driver’s Console by using standard connectors and mount 
  • Mount that covers unused connectors 
  • Steel mount that can withstand harsh environment 


Other info 

You can expect the lifetime of the FK302 to be similar to that of a mobile phone i.e. it is shorter than the lifetime of a bus. This is why it is important to plan for the future exchange of the Driver’s Console. 
The FK302 comes prepared complete with cables and mounting brackets for easy mounting in close vicinity to the driver. The screen can be rotated and adjusted via a simple lockable knob. The underlying Android Pilotfish AP framework (see separate product sheet) prevents operation while driving in order to ensure that the driver doesn’t lose focus from driving the bus. Pilotfish has experience in implementing Android tablets. Currently Pilotfish supports 2 different ones and the support includes the fastening of the device in the vehicle.
Pilotfish Console