Vehicle Gateway

The Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway is mainly used for Public Transport Fleet owners who connects on-board electronics equipment from multiple suppliers to their respective back-offices. The gateway is the necessary on-board part of the Pilotfish® VCP system. Two options for Ethernet connection are available, RJ45 (8r) and M12 (8m).
The real capacity of the Pilotfish® Vehicle Gateway VG210-8r is fully exploited in public transport vehicles where communication with a central server via wireless networks is vital and where there are explicit requirements on up-time. The gateway manages the communication to and from the internal networks (WWAN to LAN) and acts as a hub and distributor of necessary information such as [vehicle nr., Time, Position, etc] on the LAN network. 
Pilotfish Vehicle Gateway

Summary; benefits of the Pilotfish Gateway

The Pilotfish® VG210-8r/8m as part of the Pilotfish® VOL provides routing through wireless communication channels. The most appropriate communication channel is selected using an algorithm which bases its decision on communication cost, reliability and bandwidth.
The Pilotfish® VG210-8r/8m is designed according directives CEN standards as specified by EBSF and ITxPT including support of the pre EN 13149 three parts: Part 7 Basic Network, Part 8 Physical Layer and Part 9 On-board Services.
Low power consumption in combination with on-board equipment power management enables constant access to the internal networks and the installed equipment, in order to download new configuration files, read data, etc. 
The gateway has device and service discovery/registration which manages how the gateway shares information between network connected devices. The gateway also downloads and buffers configuration files and software.
The Pilotfish® VG210-8r/8m supports a great number of communication technologies using both internal and external modems for flexible and future proof communication solutions.