As an administrator, you are a key player for the Pilotfish solution, and has been appointed from your organization to be responsible for maintenance of the corporate structure, user accounts, lines, vehicles, geofence areas and more. The responsibility can be assigned to one or several persons.
Pilotfish Administrator

Working close to Pilotfish

In a small organization there often is one administrator, whereas in larger organizations the work might be divided into different areas, with different persons responsible.  
As the administrator, you assign the employees of your organization into roles, areas and depots, level of access and you administer hardware and software monitoring and updates. In your organization, you will often be the person working closest to Pilotfish. Especially during implementation, to make sure everything runs smoothly.
To your help, we have an excellent support desk, Pilotfish® Academy and an extensive support material which is constantly updated in response to customer feedback. Your role as administrator is important for implementing and fine-tuning the strategies for Fuel Economy for example. The statistical information improves, the longer the system has been implemented, and enables better managing and targeting of results