As a coach within the Pilotfish system, your primary task is to promote the development of drivers and help them drive more economically, environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe. Your main tool is the Pilotfish® Fuel Economy.
Pilotfish Academy

Educate, inspire and motivate

A coach can for example be a group leader, a trainer or someone with responsibility for personnel, and the basic idea of Pilotfish® Fuel Economy is to promote a better driving behavior with reduced burden on the environment, lower fuel costs, increased passenger comfort and reduced vehicle damage as a result.
As a coach, the most important part of your role is to educate, inspire and motivate. The more everyone understands and believes in the system, the better it will work.
To your help, you will have the Fuel Economy app, the Pilotfish® Comfy app to educate in comfortable driving, the Fuel Economy report and the Incentives report.
The great overview you get, paired with incentives for the drivers, provides a very good base to communicate your message. Together with your drivers, you can help to save the environment, get more satisfied passengers, reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance and create a feeling of awareness and responsibility within your own organization.
Since the Pilotfish system is cloud based, you will always have the information at your fingertips, whether it’s through a computer or a mobile device. In both cases the interface is easy to understand and use. To maintain the drivers’ integrity, you will only see information about the drivers you are responsible for.
All results are compared to a reference collected before introducing the Fuel Economy concept, which makes it easy to see how much the driving improves each day, week or month.  But once again. The most important part of the role as coach is inspiration. Inspiration and motivation will win the day.