For you as a dispatcher, the Pilotfish system provides a powerful, cloud based and easy to use environment, with great overview of the fleet, still with detailed information just a click away. The whole vehicle IT system with both Pilotfish applications and all third-party applications can be managed though one collective interface.
Pilotfish dispatcher

A clear overview

Overview of the fleet is key, and Pilotfish® Control Panel enables you to address all events, sorted by level of severity from high to low, with a color coding that gives a clear overview. Alarms, fault reports, messages, checklists, route planner, maintenance and the whole vehicle IT system collected into one place.
Third party apps
Remote tachograph download, real time managing and statuses of all third-party apps all within a cloud based system that you can reach through a secure login from computers as well as mobile devices from anywhere.

Fault reports
Instead of yellow notes repeatedly reporting the same faults, you receive reports with photos, through the Pilotfish® Manual Fault Reports app, and can decide to let the vehicle continue service or send it to the workshop with a click. The fault stays in the system until it is cleared, to avoid multiple reports.

Route planner
Pilotfish® Route planner is a great tool for handling bus lines, for example temporary rerouting. With Pilotfish® Positioning you can get a map view of where the vehicles are in relative real time.
You can get automatic alarms for oil pressure, coolant temperature, a special handling of assault alarm and levels on battery voltage and cabin temperature for each bus. Alarms can be sent via text message and e-mail to quickly address the problem.
Pilotfish® Driver Interaction presents information about vehicles current positions and statuses, traffic related alarms and have an easy to use interface to send messages to one driver or a group of drivers.