As the driver, you are an essential part of the vehicle fleet operation. Pilotfish assists your daily work, with only one login, all IT system information in one console, checklist, messaging, fault report, fuel economy and much more, all through an easy to use Android app environment.
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Access to the whole vehicle IT system

One of the first steps of the day is to log in. The touch sensitive Pilotfish® Driver Console gives you access to the whole vehicle IT system from the same platform, with one single login. Through the user-friendly Android environment, you can have access to several Pilotfish apps such as Pilotfish® Fuel Economy, turn by turn Navigation, Pilotfish® Manual Fault Report, Messaging and Checklist. You can also manage third party apps like ticketing, alcolock, tachograph, public internet for passengers and video surveillance as well as the vehicle manufacturers’ info. All in all, you can access all information from one place. Automatic Fault Report also reports important information directly to the back office, maintenance and workshop.
Fuel economy
Fuel economy is your economy. The basic idea of Pilotfish® Fuel Economy is to help you improve as a driver, with reduced burden on the environment, lower fuel costs, increased passenger comfort and reduced vehicle damage as a result. The fuel economy app gives you real time feedback, and is a great tool to check and improve your driving at the same time as you improve your own economy.

Manual fault report
The Fault Report app makes it easy to report vehicle faults to the traffic management and the workshop. The faults are saved and accessible for other drivers when going through the checklist, so you don’t have to report the same fault more than once.

The Checklist app makes it quick and easy to complete the vehicle for traffic through a routine check before commissioning.
The messaging feature allows drivers to send messages to traffic management and receive messages about reroutes, change of line, warnings of obstacles or queues.

Turn by turn navigation
The navigation app shows a map view with instructions for turns and stops. The convenient app is easy to use and a great help for a driver on a new route, to refresh your memory or to keep you updated about changes in the route.
If you want to see all Pilotfish and third-party apps, please read more.